Acacia Honey (Keekar ka shahed) 1kg

100% Natural Honey

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The Light Golden Acacia Honey is obtained from the Yellow Acacia Tree Flowers which are in abundance in the KPK and Punjab areas of Pakistan. This commonly used honey is famous for its medical benefits that are not limited to only cleansing of the liver but also improvements in the digestive system and kidney function. It also fights various infections and insomnia. Regular use increases the appetite, lowers the acidity and heals the overall body health.


Due to its mild taste, it is used in baking/dressing, cooking and as an alternative of refined processed sugar. It can also be used as a skin healing agent. For best results, use it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with lukewarm water and/or organic vinegar.


HaraSufaid promises to provide you with organic, 100% non-adulterated, preservative free, non-heated and non-filtered honey that contains pollen and bee wax. The bee farms we maintain are setup in wild areas where the flowers are not sprayed with any kind of pesticides. Please keep in mind that crystallization is a natural process which increases the benefits of genuine honey.


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